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Current and past Projects

POC Sports

NORTH American Ecommerce Manager

The Challenge

As the North American eCommerce Manager at POC I am responsible for cultivating a team of employees who can take POC’s online experience to the next level. I take pride in the fact that I can come to work every single day and meet expectations of management, motivate my team and provide avenues for personal and professional growth throughout the organization. Most recently, we rolled out our latest front-end redesign that optimized our website for performance, merchandising flexibility and improved our on-site/off-site funnel messaging.


  • Increase on-site conversion rate

  • Manage a team of employees (I like to call them friends)

  • Improve customer experience through operational improvements and on-boarding social engagement tools

  • Improve gross - net percentage

  • Sustain contribution requirements

  • Improve inventory positions and streamline ecommerce cashflow



DPS Skis


The Challenge

At DPS Skis I worked closely with the sales and marketing teams to track web commerce, develop a new digital presence and measure metrics detailing site performance. Doing so allowed us to execute our complex sales plan which drove sustainable growth across all consumer platforms. I’m proud to have worked side-by-side with some of the ski industries most disruptive opinion leaders who helped me develop a mindset of continuous improvement. This mindset allowed us to break free from industry norms, release innovative new products, streamline operational functions and improve employee growth opportunities.

Custom ski recommendation tool I built with the help of some very talented developers.

Custom ski recommendation tool I built with the help of some very talented developers.

Design Sketches

“Road Sodas”